Online Accounts Updated 21 July 2014

SMS Alerts

We are currently hard at work enhancing our client communication. And so, we wish to invite you to send us your cellphone number and the area you live in (Mondesa, Meersig etc) so that we can send you an alert SMS of any power outages in your neighbourhood.

All information submitted through any form on this website is treated as confidential.

Your number and area have been captured in our SMS contact list.

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  • Public Relations

    Noted and thank you very much.

  • Phillip shilongo

    I would like to inquire whether the Erongo red has already processed out the bursaries applied for last year!!

  • Ricardo

    Hi ErongoRed, just a reminder not to forget to update the Accounts Online Database. It is the 7th of March. …

  • Public Relations

    Hi Ricardo. thanks for the enquiry. Please use your full account number to view your balance. Your account number starts …

  • Ricardo

    Hi, I've type in my name ROBINSON RH, and my erf no 00000955 but it still says it can't find the …

  • admin

    Hi Ricardo, Were you able to view your account balance? Remember that you need to type in your name exactly as …

  • robinson

    When will the online account be available? I'll like to check my account details or am i using it wrongly. …

  • Hafeni

    Thank you Erongo RED for the good improvements in your service and this beautiful website. Very good job! And this …