Application Forms

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Temporary Electricity connection

Disconnect Electricity Services

Cost Estimate and Network Contribution

Important Notes

  • An application for service may not be done on behalf of another person. By not declaring that fact the person/s applying for the service, make themselves guilty of a punishable offence.
  • Applications on behalf of companies / institutions / organisations / Body Corporates and Closed Corporations must be signed by a director or a duly authorized representative or member and must bear the official stamp and designation of the person who signs the application form.
  • The following documents must accompany the application form:
    1. The Company’s registration certificate, issued by the Registrar of Companies; founding statements in case of CC’s; as well as a business certificates issued by the Health Department of the Municipality or Village Council where connection is required.
    2. A means of identification e.g. ID, Passport, driver’s license etc.
    3. In the event of newly built structures, a copy of the Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Completion from Erongo RED Inspectors and proof of ownership of the property must be handed in.
  • Owners of rental properties must enter into legal and binding rental agreements with the tenants and must take note of the conditions of supply as set out in the Application for Permanent Services.
  • Customers must complete an Application for the Disconnection of Services on vacating the premises as you remain liable for the basic charges and consumption of electricity until a completed disconnection form is received and processed.
  • When you communicate with us please give us the following information:
    1. Your full name, account number, erf number, postal address, telephone / fax number/s or e-mail address, identification number, physical address and employer details.
    2. Give us a clear description of the particular concern or requirement.