Corporate Social Responsibility

Underlying all of Erongo RED’s policies and practices is our accountability towards the communities in which we operate. We, at Erongo RED believe in the involvement and commitment towards the development of our people. The Erongo RED CSR predominantly directs its funding on the communities that are directly involved with the company’s operations.

Support is rendered in five key areas, namely:

trainingEducation and Training
Education is one our key focus areas for our Corporate Social Responsibility drive. Our drive primarily focuses on sponsorship of scholarship to brilliant Namibian who wants to pursue further studies. We also give sponsorship to academic prizes high performers, renovation of dilapidated public school buildings, career talk, bursaries, job attachment, skills development training to community members and contribution to communities that endeavour to build schools, schools halls and other educational needs. Sponsoring of training material and equipment e.g. books, computers and projectors. Participate in career fair events. E.g. Bursaries, job attachments and training material.

oldagehomeCommunity Support
At Erongo RED we believe in contributing to the development communities within the area of our jurisdiction by focusing on the development of small, medium and micro-enterprises within communities. The objective is to improve livelihood and to bringing our community into the mainstream economy.  Erongo RED actively supports community project such as orphanages homes, old age homes and community centres. The company also provide assistance and support to community programmes that are aimed at improving skills levels in the communities with the objective to improve their livelihood and become self-sustainable. Furthermore the company also donates to people who are affected by fire related accidents, drought or disaster. Another key initiative undertaken by Erongo RED is to subsidised tariffs in line with approved social tariffs and supplement the local and national government by participating in disaster relief programmes, e.g. community assistance during floods, drought relief, etc. E.g. Orphanages, old age homes and community centres.

Another primary focus of Erongo RED’s corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses regardless of size have a large carbon footprint. Any steps they can take to reduce those footprints are step in the right direction for the company and society as a whole. Erongo RED recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains all life on the earth for future generations and thereby ensuring that all humanity can attain a healthy and enriched life. We do this by participating in cleaning campaigns of our towns, beaches and any other surroundings. Participate and sponsor environmental awareness campaigns (e.g. cleaning up of streets, parks and beach and support conservation initiatives and programmes. Green Initiative – Erongo RED will always strive to take into consideration the environmental impact during planning, design and implementation of any project. E.g. ‘Clean up’ campaigns and community assistance during droughts.

eventsEvents and Functions
Erongo RED also sponsors national and local charities as part of the company’s social responsibility initiative. This is done by making contribution in a form of financial assistance or usage of electricity at community events such as sporting events, exhibitions, fund raising gala dinners and mayoral relief funds. Erongo RED also supports family fun days for employees and their families. E.g. Sponsorships of temporary electricity connections for events and functions.

Erongo RED is committed to the development of sports in Namibia. Erongo RED sponsors a number of running events, soccer, gymnastics, karate, disability sport. We believe that these events contribute to promoting unity, celebrating diversity and stimulating healthy life style. Believing strongly, as it does, that sport is an activity that enables a healthy mind and body, Erongo RED has always actively encouraged and supported sport in multiple ways. Erongo RED  E.g. Sponsorships of temporary electricity connections for events and functions.

During the period under review, Erongo RED sponsored community related activities worth over N$0.5 million.

Sponsorship Criteria

  • Consideration will be given to proposals or applications if it falls under Erongo RED focal and funding areas as indicated under number 5 and 6 of this policy.
  • It must endeavour to improve the livelihood of the community in a practical way.
  • It must re-enforce the relationship with the community.
  • It must be tangible or at least have an impact on the community to a certain degree.
  • Specific details of the proposed sponsorship activity including background information.
  • A list of other sponsors who have committed to the activity.
  • Any relevant market research, key dates and deadlines, expected participation numbers and demographics, budget, and how the sponsorship seekers plan to measure the success of the activity.
  • Sustainability potential.
  • Branding opportunity.

Sponsorship Procedure

  • All requests for sponsorship must be directed to the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.
  • Adequate lead time, generally 3 months prior to the scheduled event or project, should be given. Flexibility on the lead time will depend on the nature of the opportunity such a project or event offers Erongo RED.
  • Proposals must be submitted on the applicant’s organisation’s letterhead and the applicant’s organisation must be duly registered with the recognised registration body or bodies. The individuals or organisations without letterheads or who are not registered with professional body will be considered on merits.
  • The PR office will review all proposals to assess suitability, feasibility, and resources required.
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their submission within three months from the receipt date of their submission by Erongo RED.

Being a Corporate Citizen since the establishment of its CSR Committee, Erongo RED has invested in a number of projects. Chief amongst the sponsorships done to date is education. Erongo RED is strongly determined to make a difference to the Namibian youth by rewarding hard-working and dedicated students with bursaries. Since 2012, Erongo RED has sponsored six (6) full bursaries to students from various regions studying in the fields of finance, electrical engineering and law.

In addition, Erongo RED has granted 10 apprenticeships to students from various vocational training centres, such as the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), giving them the opportunity to gain practical skills through job attachment programmes.