On Thursday, 17 August 2023, Erongo RED electrified 9 houses to launch the DRC Electrification project in DRC, Swakopmund.

The DRC electrification project is a collaboration between Swakopmund Municipality, Erongo RED and the Community of DRC. The project is anticipated to electrify 850 houses by the time of completion.

Speaking at the event, the Governor of the Erongo region, Honorable Neville Andre said “The impact of this initiative on the residents of DRC cannot be overstated. This is just the beginning of good things to come to DRC and I strongly believe that this is not just an investment in infrastructure; it is rather an investment for the generations to come” He further added that, with the electrification of the DRC informal area, we are not just changing the lives of a few beneficiaries but families and communities.

Honorable Andre concluded his keynote address by appealing to the municipalities and town councils in the Erongo Region, to plan their infrastructure development in parallel with all key stakeholders, emphasizing that this will allow for an accelerated shared effort of bringing services to the people as opposed to bringing one service only.

Also speaking at the same event the Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, Mr. Immanuel !Hanabeb alluded that ‘’The DRC electrification stands as a shining testament to what can be achieved when different stakeholders united with a shared vision. The collaboration between Swakopmund Municipality, Erongo RED and the Community of DRC demonstrates the profound impact that such collaborations can have on our communities”.

!Hanabeb further urged the residents to provide security service and guard against theft and vandalism as it disrupts the smooth provision of electricity not only to the residents but also to critical services such as hospitals, clinics, municipal water pumps, banks and schools. In conclusion, he encouraged the community of DRC to apply for an electricity connection which is now closer to them, than it was before.

The Chairperson of the Erongo RED Board, Ms. Zoe Nambahu, who also attended the event, emphasized that Namibia’s overall electrification rate is estimated to be about 50% which means that almost 300 000 households are still without electricity. “A large number of the population do not have the means to this commodity and as a company we are cognizant of that fact” she added.  Nambahu further said that even with limited resources at hand, entities must still pool together and address the challenges of electrification.

Erongo RED has committed over N$1.5 million as their contribution towards the electrification of this area and will connect more houses as they come.

Also in attendance at this momentous event was Her Worship the Mayor of Swakopmund, Councillor Dina Namubes, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay Councillors, Erongo RED Board of Directors and the community of DRC informal settlement.