Regulated Tariffs2018-08-23T16:03:33+02:00

Regulated Tariffs  Р(July 2018 РJune 2019)

Important Note

1. Free prapaid meter installation only available to the pensioners up to 40Amps connection and customers on the debt managent scheme.
2. Registered pensioners are exempted from paying the basic charges.
3. Usage steps apply per billing cycle and do not accrue.
4. Registered pensioners connected up to 40 Amp circuit breaker size qualify for the subsidised rates.
5. Network Access is charged on Contractual Notified Maximum Demand (NMD) as per Power Supply Agreement or highest peak in previous 12 months.
6. Demand is charged on current Demand peak. The charge will be applied to demands measured in Peak, Standard and Off -Peak periods.
7. Pensioners are advised to re-register again at the nearest Erongo RED Office.
8. To benefit from subsidised tariffs, customers must apply for new <20Amps, connection.