On Wednesday, 27 March 2024, Erongo RED announced its decision to declare dividends for its shareholders at a Press Conference held today at the company’s Head Office in Walvis Bay. Mr. Immanuel !Hanabeb, Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, expressed his excitement about the announcement: “Today, I am thrilled to announce that our improved financial position has enabled us to declare dividends of N$10.2 million to our shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 29 February 2024, in Swakopmund, !Hanabeb said.”

This decision represents a significant milestone for the company, particularly in light of the challenges faced during and after COVID-19. !Hanabeb emphasized the company’s commitment to creating value for its shareholders: “While we may have had to forego dividends in previous years, declaring dividends this year underscores our dedication to our shareholders.” !Hanabeb extended his gratitude to the shareholders for their ongoing support. “Your unwavering support, trust, and confidence in our leadership and vision have been instrumental in propelling us forward. Today, we are stronger financially and operationally than when we started 18 years ago, !Hanabeb further said.”

Mr. Michael Skini, speaking on behalf of the Erongo RED Board, affirmed the decision to declare dividends after a thorough review of the company’s financial results and position. “The decision aligns with the provision outlined in the Shareholders Agreement, paragraph 3.2.2, which mandates the declaration of dividends equal to at least 60% of the distributable profits of the company,” said Skini.

Accepting the cheque on behalf of all other shareholders was Mr. John Esterhuizen, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Walvis Bay Municipality and Chairperson of the Annual General Meeting. “As shareholders, we welcome this achievement and are proud of what the company has achieved during the 2022/2023 financial year,” Esterhuizen said. Esterhuizen further emphasised the municipalities’ commitment to providing civic services to their communities and highlighted that the dividends received would be utilized to supplement municipal efforts in improving these services, thereby benefiting society as a whole.