On Thursday, 20 May 2021, Erongo RED connected 94 homes at the informal settlement areas near Uis and Okombahe respectively. In Tatamutsi 85 houses were connected whilst 9 houses that were electrified in Goagomes. Goagomes is an informal settlement located on the outskirts of Okombahe.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Honourable Tom Alweendo said ‘‘I am glad and encouraged that companies like Erongo RED have taken up the call and are working with the Ministry of Mines and Energy to tackle this national challenge”.

“I know it probably makes more financial sense for a company like Erongo RED, a Pty Ltd company to use its capital and resources on more densely populated centres where the per-unit cost of electrifying households is lower than the less dense rural areas.  But this initiative shows that, you as a company do indeed have a broader vision than just making a profit but have bought into the national vision of reaching universal access”, the Honourable Minister further said.

Also speaking at the inauguration event was the Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, Mr Fessor Mbango who said that Erongo RED is cognizant of the Ministry of Mines objective to bring services to the people. Thus, as a company, Erongo RED is working hard to supplement the Government’s efforts in bringing the much-needed services to its residents.

“In parallel to this project, we also identified localities in peri-urban areas of Omaruru and Usakos to be electrified next. We are looking at electrifying 50 houses in the Hakahana informal settlement of Omaruru and 60 houses in the Saamstaan Informal settlement of Usakos” said Mr Mbango.