On Friday, 29 July 2022, Erongo RED connected 107 houses at the Kapekaha informal settlement located at the outskirts of Ozondje suburb in Omaruru.

Speaking at the event, Honourable Benitha Imbamba who represented the Governor of Erongo Region, Honourable Neville Andre said “Rural electrification needs to be intensified to ensure that a greater number of participants in this most extraordinary commodity is reached. However, in order for this to be attained, the push from behind is needed to expedite accessibility to electricity”.

Honourable Imbamba further encouraged women to unite in the fight against poverty by starting small businesses such as baking, sewing and other small income-making projects or home business initiatives in order to participate in local economic activities. As this will enable them to put bread on the table for their families. Honourable Imbamba concluded by appealing to all beneficiaries to take care of the electricity infrastructure that has been brought to them.

Speaking at the same event, the Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, Mr Immanuel !Hanabeb emphasised that to date, Erongo RED has electrified over 815 houses in Omaruru alone compared to other areas in the region. In addition, apart from the electrification of houses in Kapekaha, Erongo RED also completed the supply and installation of the cables to provide power to the existing high mast light in the Hakahana location at the cost of over N$176 000.

Erongo RED remains committed to bringing electricity notwithstanding the limited resources that need to be shared between various localities that require electrification. Therefore, the commissioning of 107 houses in Kapekaha is a clear testimony of Erongo RED’s commitment to continue with their efforts to bring electricity to the people, !Hanabeb said.

Also in attendance at this historic event was the Mayor of Omaruru town; His Worship Councillor Vincent Kahua, the Omaruru Constituency Councillor; Councillor Ernst Wetha, Local Councillors, Captains of Industries, Erongo RED Board of Directors and the community of Ozondje and Kapekaha in general.