On Tuesday, 09 July 2019, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Erongo RED, Mr Claude Tjizo handed a over cheque of N$50 000 towards Playtime Namibia.

Playtime is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of youth development through sport operating primarily on the coast.

During handover event, the Acting CEO said that the young people of today are our future leaders. “Erongo RED cares and strives to nurture and mould these young people’s lives. One of the fundamental values of Erongo RED is – Empowerment. Therefore, this gesture is a demonstration of our determination to empower our youngsters by creating platforms where they can have fun” said Mr Tjizo.

Mr Tjizo further said the sponsorship to the value of N$50 000 today should signify our continuous commitment to empower our youth. This donation should boost youngsters to sharpen their talents when they are on the playing fields as well as to have fun and create bonds with other young people.

Speaking at the same event was the Trustee of Playtime Namibia, Mr Sandro De Gouveia who thanked Erongo RED for the generous sponsorship.

The sponsorship event was attended by the Trustees of Playtime Namibia, Erongo RED Corporate Social Responsibility Committee members, various coaches and children from Playtime Namibia.