On Monday, 18 September 2023, Erongo RED visited the leadership of the Topnaar community. The purpose of the meeting was for Erongo RED’s CEO to introduce himself to the chief as well as to engage on matters of mutual interest. During the deliberation, the two parties also had extensive discussions about the possibility of bringing electricity to the Topnaar community. According to the Chief Anamab, the community of the topnaars has been without electricity for years. The Erongo RED CEO, Mr Immanuel !Hanabeb highlighted that electricity has the power to change lives by improving the livelihood of our community members. The meeting was also attended by the Constituency Councillor for Walvis Bay Rural, Councillor Florian Donatus. Apart from the discussions on electricity, the participants also deliberated on a number of other electricity-related matters.

There are over 119 houses along the Kuiseb River and it is estimated to cost around N$10 million to bring electricity services to this community. The electrification projects undertaken by Erongo RED are subject to the availability of funds.

The other Traditional Authorities scheduled to be visited are the Tsoaxudaman, Zeraeua, and the !Oe#gan Traditional Authorities.