To ensure proper management in the provision of electricity for prepayment service Erongo RED needed to implement a centralised vending system. This will allow customers to vend at any available point of sale in the Erongo Region.

To this end a tender for the provision of a centralised vending system was advertised and awarded. A second tender for the provision of STS compliant prepayment meters was advertised and awarded. The centralised system has now been installed and Erongo RED is ready to install new meters for new applicants. Erongo RED has also taken over the various existing prepayment systems used in the past for the provision of prepayment electricity.

Until these systems have been harmonised over the next year in order for the same rules to apply throughout the Erongo Region, the existing rules for applying for pre-payment meters will remain. All existing non-STS prepayment meters will be replaced by Erongo RED at no cost to the customer. New applications will have to pay Erongo RED’s standard fee.