Business Divisions

Office of the CEO


The Office of the CEO is responsible for ensuring shareholder value by providing direction and co-ordination of key strategic decisions. Such directions will include corporate governance, risk and performance management. The office is also responsible for ensuring that Erongo RED’s activities support economic development and create investors’ confidence not only for Erongo RED but for the region as well. Other tasks include among other, the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company as well as fostering stakeholder relations and

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Finance and Administration Business Unit


The Finance and Administration Business Unit is responsible for the financial administration and reporting systems, stores and procurement, financial risk management, fleet control and asset administration, financing and loan administration as well as working capital management.

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Business Strategy and Performance Management System


This division is currently responsible for assisting the Executive Management to develop and monitor the implementation, evaluation and review of Erongo RED’s strategic plan. This process involves the implementation of the company’s strategy internally and externally so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it carries out the company’s overall goals.

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Human Capital and Corporate Services


The Human Capital and Corporate Services Division (HC) is responsible for the provision of an encompassing Human Resource Function which include the Corporate Support, Building and Security and Health & Safety and Occupational Health functions. As a company operating in a regulated market, Erongo RED has driven its strategy in realising real returns to its shareholders while keeping a strategic focus on the development & growth of its staff members and ensuring sustainability of the business for the benefit of

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Network Operations and Maintenance Business Unit


The Network Operations and Maintenance Business Unit is responsible for system availability, a control centre, quality of supply and network maintenance. During the period under review, the Business Unit was involved in normal operations, maintenance and upgrading of the electrical network.

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Network Engineering Business Unit


The Network Engineering Business Unit is responsible for: Network planning & Design, Organisational Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Project Engineering, Project Management, Consultant interaction as well as electrical contractors’ registration and interaction. Most importantly, the BU ensures optimum Network Technical compliance and Professional Network Project Engineering Services to meet the electricity needs of present and future customers through timeous stakeholder engagement, implementation of all released planned projects, and anticipating how much power should be delivered as well as where and

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Supply Business Unit


The Supply Business Unit is responsible for customer service performance, revenue performance, billing services, rate determination and implementation, revenue protection and collection, energy management and metering. The Business Unit is tasked with the responsibility to ensure accurate metering of electricity consumption, implementation of reasonable and cost-reflective tariffs, excellent customer service and revenue protection services. Providing customer service excellence is what will keep our customers and shareholders happy. Essentially, customer service excellence is an advantage that enables Erongo RED to survive

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