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The suite of electricity tariffs at Erongo RED is designed to cater for a range of electricity consumption profiles. Where a customer implements a change in plant operation that alters the electricity consumption profile, it may be necessary to migrate to alternate tariff structures to avoid unnecessary electricity charges. Erongo RED also works closely with various large power users to provide advice on energy efficiency matters with the intention of helping customers to attain high levels of energy efficiencies within

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Understanding Tariffs


Network Demand Charge (NDC): is a charge that is variable on a monthly basis and is charged on the actual charge demand measured. Network Access Charge (NAC): The network access charge should be the highest kVA that the customer expects the utility to be in a position to supply. The NAC is a tariff component that is fixed on an annual basis and is charged as a Charge N$/kVA on the greater of the Notified Maximum Demand or the actual

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Time of Use


Time of Use 2019/2020 vs 2020/2021

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