Illegal Connection and Theft

Erongo RED has learned that electricity theft is taking place within its distribution area and strongly urges all customers to stay away and desist from this serious offence. The consequence of such an illegal act is the immediate suspension of electricity to the customer premises without prior notice, a regulated fine of N$3 874 as well as the actual value of stolen electricity units.

Stealing of power cables and copper busbars does not only increase the operating cost, but it also compromises the safety of our staff working on electrical installations. Furthermore, it creates an unsafe condition on the electrical network that requires immediate restoration and creates unnecessary power outages.

Depending on the nature and extend of the damage, Erongo RED will be forced to shut down the affected substation to do the repair work, which can result in other electricity users being deprived as they have to wait for hours before the repair work is completed. Replacing copper bars and conductors can take 5 to 10 hours and during this time, the area feeding from the affected substation will be without power.

Removing of copper bars and copper conductors can cause the voltage to raise and thus, put appliances such as televisions sets, refrigerators and radios at risk. It also disrupts supply to other essential service providers such as schools and hospitals. Furthermore, removing cables and busbars is also risky and the effect could be fatal to those involved in copper theft.