On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, Erongo RED announced weighted tariffs increase of -0.10% after Electricity Control Board (ECB) approved the submission. The -0.10% average increase is a weighted average of different tariff categories. The tariff adjustment will be effective from 1st of July 2019.

The electricity prices excluding statutory levies will remain unchanged for the period of 12 months, starting 01 July 2019 to 31 June 2020. Customers will only incur a slight increase on statutory tariffs (ECB Levy and NEF Levy) which is about 2 cents.

In support of the farmers, ECB has approved Erongo RED’s request to reduce the Network Service Fee by 10%. Thus, depending on whether they have a first, second supply and/or special supply in fixed charges, they will experience a reduction from 1-6% on their overall Erongo RED invoice.

Speaking at the Press Conference, the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Nico Niemand said that “Erongo RED is still committed to providing subsidized tariffs to pensioners up to 40 Amperage”. The pensioners who have accounts with Erongo RED and would like to benefit from subsidized tariff are requested to visit the nearest Erongo RED office to re-register again so that they continue to benefit from the subsidized tariff. Currently, there are 6495 pensioners registered on the subsidized tariff. The subsidized tariff will also be applicable to domestic customers with up to 20 Amperage connection. Thus, all customers who would like to benefit from the subsidized tariff are encouraged to visit our office. Erongo RED will only cover the initial cost to downgrade to 20 Amperage. However, if customers later change their preference and would like to upgrade, they will have to carry the cost.

“Before, the proposal was submitted to ECB for the tariff adjustment this year, various factors were taken into account, such as the -2.5% NamPower decrease, impact it will have on customers, concerns from the community, envisaged infrastructure development, electrifications and operational cost. The company also considered the current economic situation and the impact of electricity cost on our commercial and industrial customers”, Niemand said.