Payment Methods

Erongo RED receives literally thousands of payments from customers on a monthly basis. Whilst most customers identify their payments properly and make them on time, some customers still indicate the incorrect references which make it impossible for us to allocate the payment to any specific account.

These include:

  • Non-descript payment references such as “Electricity”, “Cash Deposit”, “Erongo RED”, “Payment”, or payments referenced to a name which is not registered on our system
  • Payments referenced to individuals, whilst the same name may appear on our system multiple times for different properties
  • Payments referenced to erf numbers, even though the same erf number may be in use in almost every town / suburb in the region
  • Cash / cheque deposits made at bank tellers that do not show the account number as reference. When a payment is not reflected on your account, it will be automatically selected for suspension of services, and will result in a late payment penalty fee and or interest being charged.

Whilst Erongo RED makes all reasonable efforts to accommodate our customers, the onus is on the customer to ensure that their payments are properly identified and that they are made on time. What we expect from our customers:

  • Pay by the due date: please ensure that your internet / direct payment reflect in our bank statement by the due date. Payments received and / or identified after the due date are classified as “late” and will result in penalty fees being charged. Please ensure that you adhere to your internet banking cut-off times
  • Customer payments must be referenced to an existing account number – this number is picked up automatically from the bank statements downloaded daily and allocated by the system to the customer’s account. The complete number, including all zeroes, must be quoted for this to work properly
  • Bulk payments – i.e.  more than one account paid with one payment must be accompanied by a remittance advice – this serves as proof to manually allocate the payments to the different accounts quoted. Without this documentary proof, no allocations will be made, as account numbers and amounts cannot be guessed
  • Incorrectly referenced payments can only be claimed if the customer provides documentary proof – i.e. customers must provide the remittance advice printed from their own banking website / bank-stamped deposit slip to claim ownership of an unallocated payment. This protects all parties involved against the risk of fraud
  • Remittances must be sent to a central point: Customers should please scan and / or e-mail remittances to or fax to (064) 214 649 to ensure that they are allocated.

These are the dedicated customer payment allocation channels, and we cannot guarantee that e-mails or faxes sent anywhere else will be dealt with on time. You can pay your electricity accounts in many ways:

  • At any Erongo RED pay-point in cash or with a cheque only
  • Direct banking
  • Internet banking
  • Debit order

All internet banking and FNB direct deposits:
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Walvis Bay 28-21-72
Account No: 62103311156

In the absence of a FNB branch:
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch: Walvis Bay 48-18-72
Account No: 8000630203

For ex-NAMPOWER customers:
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch: Walvis Bay 48-18-72
Account No: 8000615611

Please Note

  • When making direct payments or internet payments it is very important to ensure that your account number (in full) appears as the transaction reference.
  • When making direct deposits, internet payments or multiple account payments with one deposit, the details must be faxed to the correct fax number (appearing on your account).