Swakopmund Upgrade

Swakopmund has also recorded a high demand for electricity. Hence Erongo RED has also appointed a local contractor for the construction of New Intake Sub Station building to the tune of N$4.6Million. Erongo RED has appointed an electrical contractor for the supply and installation of the substation equipment which is expected to be completed during Last quarter of 2015. This project will strengthen the supply to the town of Swakopmund.

Walvis Bay Upgrade

The Walvis Bay load demand has greatly increased due to industrial and residential activities taking place at the Town. As a result, Erongo RED and NamPower have embarked on a joint project to increase the existing Firm Capacity of 30MVA (N-1) to 80 MVA (N-1). This upgrade is scheduled to be partially completed by the 4th Quarter of 2015, with full completion only planned for late 2017.

Status: Work in progress


Installation of Fibre Optic for Substation Communication

Network communication between Intake and Primary substations require fibre optic communication which is now becoming a necessity to ensure effective and efficient management of network. This communication will enhance protection and SCADA. Equipment currently installed requires fibre optic connection to optimise on operational functionality required to operate the network in the most effective manner.

Status: planned

Walvis Bay – New Kuisebmond Primary Substation II

The existing primary substation supply at Kuisebmond is at 80% loading with certain network constraints on the secondary network. At least 20% of the total demand requirements during peak times are distributed to Kuisebmond. Therefore, a second Primary Substation is required for Kuisebmond to ensure that the load can effectively be transferred from Paratus. Significant development and growth are experienced in this part of the network, mainly due to the mass housing projects.

Status: Work in Progress

Demand Side Management and Power Factor Correction Initiatives

The current Demand Side Management system (ripple control) is only available to the town of Walvis Bay.  This initiative will contribute significantly towards savings on the monthly NamPower account. Demand Side Management system should be extended to Swakopmund and possible Henties Bay, based on the huge residential peaks. A new system will be required as the network change in Walvis Bay requires more power for signal injection. This project will initiate demand side management and will result in lower monthly operating cost.

Status: planned

Scada (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Investment was made to install the “backbone” for the SCADA system and was completed in 2011.  Funds are required for the extension of the system to all primary and secondary substations to increase visibility and control to improve efficiency and effectiveness. A SCADA system is used for remote switching, control and monitoring of high, medium and low voltage networks from one central point. It is the intention of Erongo RED to install such a system to switch, control and monitor the whole medium voltage network in Erongo from a central point, starting with the more densely populated areas initially.